Automation Yeruham  represents the world's leading manufacturer of air compressors- Atlas Copco.
Atlas Copco is a global conglomerate founded in 1873 in Sweden, the company has factories all over the world with sales turnover stands at over 6 billion euros a year, concern about 26,000 employees in 160 countries worldwide.

The main production plant is located in Belgium, which produced unique compression units of Atlas Copco Compressors Atlas Copco compressors are considered the best because they are reliable over time, effective, energy efficient, very quiet and clean compressed air supply in particular.

We have a professional service department, with over 8 slices mobility across the country.
We are unable to provide packages for compressed air from planning to construction.

Atlas Copco allocates resources in developing technology with emphasis on the environment, and maintaining a high level.
Our clients: DSW, hospitals, Osem, Elite, Teva , Taro, universities, and many more.
Compressed air - Atlas Copco!