Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Since the body (corporation, company, etc.) (hence, “the company”), Automation Yeruham Ltd., respects its website users’ privacy in its websites (hence, “the websites”), the company has decided to hereby publish its policy regarding privacy protection in its websites, and is hereby obligated to uphold said policy.

The goal of the policy is to explain the company’s customs regarding users’ websites privacy and how the company uses the information, given to it by the websites users or that is gathered by it while using the websites.


Information regarding you is being collected while using the services on the websites. Some of the information personally identifies you, meaning my name and address, products, and services you have purchased or asked to sell, payment method used, etc. This information is knowingly given by you, for instance, once you register to services on the websites. Other parts of the information do not personally identify you and is not saved along with your details. This information is statistical and accumulated. For instance, advertisements on the website, pages you have viewed, offers and services you were interested in, the IP address from which you accessed the website and more.

Service Registration

The company will only ask of you the directly necessary information for providing any services or purchasing any products, whenever personal details are required for registering to services of purchasing of products on the websites.

Data Pool

The information gathered will be saved on the company’s data pool and will be under its responsibility.

Data Use

The use of data gathered will be done only according to said privacy policy or according to any law, to –

  • Allow the use of various service on the websites.
  • Improve and enrich the services and content offered in the websites.
  • Change or annul existing services and content.
  • Purchase products and services on the websites – including content and information publishing.
  • Fit the ads presented while visiting the websites to your fields of interest.

The information used by the company will be mainly for statistic use, which does not personally identify you.

Direct Emailing

The company is interested in sending you, from time to time, information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information via email. Said information will be sent to you only in case you have explicitly agreed to it, which can be revoked at any time, so you will no longer receive said information.

The company will not provide you details to advertisers. However, it is allowed to transfer any statistical information on the actions of the websites’ users.

Any provided statistical information will not personally identify you.

Providing Information to Third Party

The company will not transfer your personal details to any third party and the information gathered on your activity on the website, excluding the following cases:

  • Should you purchase products and services from third parties that are on sale via the websites, these third parties would be given the required information for completing the purchase process.
  • In case of a legal dispute between you and the company which will require disclosing your details;
  • Should there be any illegal activity on the websites;
  • Should we receive a subpoena ordering us to provide your detail or information to a third party;
  • Should the company sell or transfer the activity of the websites to any other corporation, in any way, whether merging with another body or merge its websites’ activity with that of a third party, if said corporation will accept the orders of this privacy policy towards you.


The company’s website uses Cookies to properly and continuously run the website, including gathering statistical information about the use of the website, detail matching, fitting the website to your preferences and for the sake of information security.

Modern browsers include the option to avoid Cookies. However, should you not know how to do so, please check the browser’s help file beforehand.

Third Party Advertisements

The company allows other companies to manage the website’s advertisements array. The ads you are watching while visiting the website come from the computers of said companies. In order to manage their ads, said companies place Cookies on your computer. The Cookies allow them to gather information about the websites on which you have viewed the ads and which ads you have clicked on. The use of those Cookies, made by said companies, is subjected to their privacy policy and is separate from the company’s privacy policy.

Information Security

The company implements updated information security systems and procedures. While said systems and procedures reduce the risks for unauthorized penetration, they cannot guarantee complete safety. Therefore, the company does not obligate that its services will be impervious to unauthorized access to the information stored on it.

Right to View Data

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981; any person is allowed to view the information stored at the database. Should a person view the information and find that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or outdated, said person will be allowed to refer to the owner of the database and request the information be corrected or deleted.

This reference should be sent to

In addition, should the information on the company’s database be used to approach you directly, you are entitled – according to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 – to demand that the information regarding you will be stricken from the database, in writing.

Changes to Privacy Policy

In any case where there will be significant changes in this privacy policy, relating to any personal information provided, it will be published on the websites’ homepage.