Establishing the Pneumatics Division
Establishing the Aluminium Profiles & Linear Motion Division
Pneumatic Division expends, entering the field of pneumatic air division vacuum
Acquiring Atlas Copco Israel, Establishing the Compressed Air and Vacuum Solutions Division
Establishing a Division for Planning, Manufacturing and Supplying to OEM
Establishing the Robotics Division
Acquiring ‘Ariel & Berger ltd’ and entering the Sensors, Vision and Process Manufacturing fields
Expending the Robotics Division by entering the Cobots Field

About Us

The Leading Provider of Industrial Automation Solutions

For over 30 years, Automation Yeruham has been a trusted partner of leading companies in the Israeli economy, including Tnuva, Strauss, Elbit, IAI, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Philips, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and more.

The company specializes in automation solutions that enable our clients to reduce production costs, increase yields, and boost profitability.

Automation Yeruham expertise spans a wide range of industries, offering comprehensive solutions for manufacturing plants, OEMs (serial machine builders), and engineering companies.

A wide range of products are available, ranging from off-the-shelf items to full-service turnkey engineering solutions.

Automation Yeruham proudly represents world-leading manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Nachi, Baumer, Emerson, and Camozzi, prioritizing technological innovation and outstanding service as core values.

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Advanced Customized Solutions

There are four specialized units within the company: Compressed Air & Vacuum Solutions, Pneumatics, Profiles & Linear Motion, as well as

Robotics & Motion Control. Since its establishment in 1990, Automation Yerumam had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clients and industries, accumulating a wealth of professional knowledge through 5000+ successful projects. This extensive expertise empowers the company to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions, with a strong focus on streamlining and optimizing production processes. 

Automation Yeruham boasts a team of 120+ experienced professionals who spearhead a client-centric process that commences with a meticulous needs assessment. Guided by this process, the team proceed to craft the most efficient solution and handpick the appropriate components from a vast and readily available inventory, housed in a dedicated logistics warehouse. 

Subsequently, the company experts embark on the stages of customization and assembly, ensuring that every detail aligns with the unique requirements of our clients. Swift delivery, nationwide implementation, and prompt service follow seamlessly, as efficient timelines are prioritized. Committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, Automation Yeruham constantly strives to develop innovative and efficient applications. This unwavering dedication enables our clients to optimize their operations in light of the evolving business landscape.

Comprehensive Service

An elite team of 120 experts across 4 departments. Leading experts in their fields. A-Z service.

Exceptional Availability

Nationwide deployment of sales and service managers who are available to provide a quick response to any inquiry, in any industry, and for any company size.

Robust Production & Supply Capabilities

Dedicated production and logistical facilities. Flexible and robust manufacturing capabilities. A vast, ever-updating stock.

Extensive Technological Expertise

Over 5000 successful projects over 30 years. Official representative of the most advanced solution manufacturers around the world.

'Automation Yeruham' company timeline

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