Terms of Use

Automation Yeruham Ltd. website terms of use.

  1. Intro

Automation Yeruham Ltd. website is a website used to display the company’s image and representative information regarding Automation Yeruham Ltd., and you are hereby welcome to take part in it by subjecting to the terms of use to follow.

  1. In addition, the use of the website, and all its content and services offered, file downloads, media such as photos, videos and the various content offered to the public might change, from time to time, or according to the content style.

The website management reserves the right to update the following terms of use, from time to time, and without further notice or mention at the various website channels.

  1. Intellectual property

The website, as well as information in it, web design, website code, media files, including graphics, videos, images, texts, files for download and any other material that might be presented at the website, is completely and wholly belong to the aforementioned website and are Automation Yeruham Ltd.’s exclusive intellectual property and are not to be used without the prior written consent of Automation Yeruham Ltd. website.

In addition, any distribution, copying, duplication, publishing, imitation or processing of any code sections, graphics, videos, trademarks or any other media and content are strictly prohibited without prior written consent.

  1. Website content

We aspire to provide you with the information presented on the website, without any interruptions, but disturbances might occur in the website availability due to technical considerations, third-party malfunctions or other causes. Therefore, we cannot commit that the website will be available to you at all times, and there will be no monetary compensation or other given for stopping the service or taking the website offline.

  1. Links to external websites do not serve as a guarantee that they are safe, quality or reliable and visiting them is made on your discretion and are the sole responsibility of the website user.
  2. The contents offered on the website are exclusively owned by Automation Yeruham Ltd. and are not to be used, in any way, as stated in this agreement (section 3), despite cases in which otherwise mentioned, or it has been mentioned that the copyright belongs to an external factor. In these cases, one should check the terms of use in the attached link and act as it is mentioned on the external website to which the content belongs.
  3. User management and website guests

The website management reserves itself the right to block any user, whether by blocking their IP address, their MACID address, or even according to their country of origin, without having to provide a viable excuse to said user.

  1. The website team/management will do everything in their power to protect the registered users/members personal details. In cases in which a third-party will gain access to said information, it is hereby agreed that the users, members and guests of the website will have no legal claim or lawsuit or demand towards the Automation Yeruham Ltd. website team.
  2. Disclosure

This website might use cookies (especially for registered users and members), and internal statistics interfaces to keep an anonymous statistic record of visitors and visitor(s) actions analysis, surfing habits, clicks and lingering times analysis. Apart from visitors who are logged in to the website, at all times, the information saved is completely anonymous and does not contain the visitor’s name or any other identifier.

  1. Jurisdiction

While using the website, and in case there is any dispute, you are herby agree that the aforementioned is under the sole jurisdiction of Israeli law and through the use of the Israeli court system only, at the Tel Aviv district.