Electro-pneumatic Boards and Boxes Planning

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Electro-pneumatic boards and boxes are an overall solution that incorporates a few components within it, aiming at controlling and commanding various systems remotely. This kind of solution fits all fields and is a central and functional component.

Automation Yeruham’s content specialists and experienced team know how to produce this solution, from the characterization stage, and according to the client’s specifications.

Designing and building pneumatic boxes per client specifications include incorporating electrical and control-combined activation valves for vacuum and air as well as the following stages:
• Command changes
• Automation changes
• Production line adjustment
• Machine changes and more.
Installing these boards and boxes are a complete and full solution. Using these devices, all systems can be operated from one location, saving space, energy, and manpower. Connection and operation are simple and clear and can be activated immediately after installation.

The wide range of components, from the many providers with which we work, allows us to find the exact component that will answer the client’s needs in terms of performance, price, and creating pneumatic boards that incorporate all components. Thanks to our available and large stock, we can also deliver the product quickly, within 2-3 weeks.

Automation Yeruham provides complete and overall industry solutions. Our range of products, combined with the professional ability of our team, allows us to completely fit ourselves to the client’s needs and specifications.

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