Sensors and Control Integrated Assembly Conveyer


Project Background

The Yeruham automation divisions combined forces and created a conveyor belt with integrated sensors and control stations. The customer applied for the development of a station conveyor that allows transportation of products to defined points where scanning is performed by smart equipment for product quality control. The developed solution creates an automatic operation that includes several steps: Swivel plates moving on a conveyor belt A sensor system that detects the plates and using a controller activates a stop system of an electric piston The entire system functions and communicates through control and is connected to the customer’s end equipment.

What is the solution that we have developed for the costumer?

The project consists of several components: Four straight conveyor belts from Elcom Four pallets rotate thanks to the structure of the arches A control system that supports a sensor system Frequency regulators designed to change the motor speed of the conveyors Controller from a program that works with a TCP / IP communication protocol

Advantages of the solution

Time-saving (the system automatically checks products and their quality instead of manpower or machines that take longer) Quality and controlled products that maintain a uniform level of production and export Reducing returns of defective products Maintaining and enhancing the company’s reputation thanks to the quality of the products Performing several inspection / scanning / manufacturing operations simultaneously and without interruption of any operation

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