Sensors and Control Integrated Assembly Conveyer

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Client: A leading hi-tech industry company

The various Automation Yeruham departments joined forces and created a sensors and control integrated assembly conveyer.

The client requested us to develop an assembly conveyer that allows moving the products to pre-determined stations where they are scanned by smart equipment doe quality assurance.

The designed solution creates an automatic action that includes a few stages:

1. Rotating platforms moving on a conveyor.
2. A sensor system that identifies the platforms and uses a controller to activate an electric piston braking system.
3. The entire system functions and communicates through control s and is attached to the client’s end equipment.

The project is comprised out of several components:

• Four straight Elcom conveyor belts
• Four rotating platforms thanks to an arch structure
• A control system supporting the sensors system
• Designated frequency regulators for changing conveyor engine speed
• Programed controller in TCP/IP protocol

Project advantages:

• Time-efficient (the system automatically inspects the products and their quality instead of having manpower or machines that take up more time).
• Quality and controlled products that maintain a unified level of import and export.
• Reducing faulty product call backs
• Maintaining and increasing the company’s reputation through high-end quality products.
• Performing several actions simultaneously (inspection/scanning/production) without interrupting each action.

Automation Yeruham has a variety of conveyors to fit different sizes and weights and provides complete and overall industry solutions. Our range of products, combined with the professional ability of our array of departments, allows us to completely fit ourselves to the client’s needs and specifications.

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