Replacing Pumps at the Phoenicia Plant

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The Phoenicia plant decided to upgrade its vacuum pumps station to a new system by Atlas Copco.
Automation Yeruham, which took the project upon itself, was required to replace five old, lubricated blade pumps. An energy survey was performed to apply the project. The survey measured the overall consumption of the pumps and the necessary cooling system to operate them at 240 kw/h.
The new vacuum pump room contains six new vacuum pumps, a central control system for controlling and monitoring the vacuum level between all six pumps.
The plant contemplated about changing the pumps for a while.
The new pump returned its investment withing six months due to significantly lowered energy consumption.
Automation Yeruham provides complete and overall industry solutions.
Our range of products, combined with the professional ability of our various departments, allows us to completely fit ourselves to the client’s needs and specifications.

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