Replacing Pumps at the Phoenicia Plant

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Project Background

What is the correct way to replace old blade pumps with new vacuum pumps? Finica plant has decided to upgrade its vacuum pump station to a new system from Atals Copco. The Yeruham automation company that took over the project was required to replace five old oiled blade pumps For the purpose of implementing the project, an energetic feasibility study was conducted. The survey measured the total consumption of the pumps and cooling systems required to operate them at 240 kWh.

What is the solution that we have developed for the costumer?

The new vacuum pump room contains six new vacuum pumps, a central control system for controlling and monitoring the vacuum level between the six pumps. The factory debated for a long time about replacing the pump. The new pump returned the investment within half a year, due to significantly reduced power consumption.

"Professionally, we take the Yeruham automation into account in every project. The system they provided us is good and the company provides excellent service all the time."
Ziv Atias, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, Pinica Factory
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