Installation of an oxygen generator system at the Neve Amit Geriatric Hospital

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Project Background

The Neve Amit Geriatric Hospital contacted Yeruham Automation and requested the installation of oxygen production systems, which operate independently, using an oxygen generator without the need for an accumulator / oxygen balloons. The customer’s requirements included an oxygen center system, a requirement to supply oxygen to 25 respirators in 93% purity and a requirement for oxygen and compliance as required by G01 of the Ministry of Health.

What is the solution that we have developed for the costumer?

The professional team of our company designed and installed a dual system (primary and secondary) for the production of oxygen from the OXYPLANT series from the manufacturer ATLAS COPCO. The goal when designing and constructing an oxygen center facility in geriatric hospitals and the considerations / parameters to consider are the success of the facility for many more years of work. After examining alternatives and economic viability (including examining another project set up in a similar HMO) it was decided to recommend a proper and efficient system for Neve Amit Hospital that takes into account different meanings in terms of infrastructure such as location, distance, power supply, possible pollutants, regulation, noise , Environmental and construction conditions. After selecting an oxygen center and compressed air equipment it was decided that the system would include: Air compressor Refrigeration dryer Array of filters Oxygen separation generator Containers

Advantages of the solution

Significant savings of about 40% in installation costs and various operating expenses. Save about 40% on oxygen usage costs. Self-production of oxygen for all wards in the hospital independent of external supply. Reducing safety and security risks in the presence of oxygen in the hospital button. Increasing the work space thanks to a practical and compact system.

'The system installed in our hospital is working properly and serving our needs as required. We are very satisfied with the service and support, the response times are fast and we get technical support for every need. "
Doron Bitan, Neve Amit Operations Manager
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