Compressor Room Design

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Clients: WiShi Modi’in, SodaStream, SolarEdge, Strauss

Automation Yeruham provides consultation, design, and accompaniment in establishing and upgrading compressed air systems:

• Correct planning for required attachments.
• Adjusting piping diameter.
• Correct compressor positioning.
• Positioning the container, filter, and dryer.
• 3D plan sketching, etc.

A correct design of the compressor room affects the compressors’ safety and efficiency. When the compressor room is optimally located, the shelf-life of the compressors is extended, air quality is improved, energy expenses and maintenance costs are decreased and bottom line –operational costs are saved. It is important to differentiate between the various types of compressors and fit the right one to the right place. There are three main compressor types – piston, screw and centrifugal.

There are some of the important parameters one needs to consider when designing a compressor room:

• Central location
• Adequate spaces
• Ventilation and cooling
• Clean air intake
• Positioning pumps, piping and accessories

Automation Yeruham provides complete and overall industry solutions. Our range of products, combined with the professional ability of our team, allows us to completely fit ourselves to the client’s needs and specifications.

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