Compressor Room Design

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Project Background

Proper design of a compressor room has a positive effect on the safety and efficiency of compressor performance – how do you do it right? Yeruham Automation “provides consulting, planning and assistance in the construction and upgrade of compressed air systems: Proper design for the necessary connections Pipe diameter adjustment Correct location for compressors Container, filter and dryer location 3D design drawings and more

What is the solution that we have developed for the costumer?

When the compressor room is optimally installed, you can extend the life of the compressors, improve air quality, reduce electricity costs, reduce maintenance costs and, bottom line, save on operating costs. It is important to differentiate between the different types of compressors and adjust the right compressor to the desired location. Three main compressors can be distinguished – a piston compressor, a screw compressor and a centrifugal compressor. Among the most important parameters to consider in any design of a compressor room: Central location Appropriate intervals Ventilation and cooling Clean inlet air Placing pumps, piping and auxiliary equipment

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