An Automated Multi-Layer System for Producing Printed Circuit Boards

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Client: Eltec

A combined teamwork of our experts from various departments, creating an automated multi-layer system for producing printed circuit boards.

The client came to us with a request to intensify its system’s goals, such as increasing productivity, higher product quality and reliability over time.

The complex project was on its way and had the following stages:

1. Computerized engineering design by a team of experienced and veteran engineers.
2. Modular profiles-based production line design.
3. Incorporating pneumatic solutions, including vacuum.
4. Adjusting modular conveyor belts.
5. Combining control systems within the production line.

Automation Yeruham provides complete and overall industry solutions. Our range of products, combined with the professional ability of our array of departments, allows us to completely fit ourselves to the client’s needs and specifications.

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