The Importance of Energy Efficiency

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Energy is on everyone’s mind these days, whether you are dealing with costs or the effect of pollutants in its manufacturing process. Atlas Copco does its share, but how much can one company do? A lot, especially when it is the largest producer of air compressors.

In order to reach that goal, energy efficiency plays a central role in developing new products.

Cost efficiency is the client’s main drive. In the compressors market, the cost efficiency for operating the compressor usually serves as more than 80% of the compressor operation cost, therefore energy efficiency is key for the decision to invest in a new compressor, and our ability as a supplier to choose the best solution for our clients.

The focus is on the compressor core, which makes for most of its energy consumption.

Our goal is to improve the core performance of the compressor by 1% annually. This means that each new generation of compressor cores must be 7% better than its previous model. That is since we are renewing our full range of compressors almost every 7 years. In hindsight, Atlas Copco has improved its oil-injected screw compressors by more than 25% since the 1970’s. more than half of that was accomplished in the last 15 years.

The compression technique has the greatest effect on energy consumption and the biggest opportunity to reduce consumption.

Energy efficiency relevant products:

• Screw compressors
• Aluminum pipes
• Vacuum pumps
• Air blowers

We all have t do our part for a global energy efficiency. Each business that is interested in remaining competitive, survive and earn money – new techniques of energy efficiency must be adopted.

Narrowing the gap between inputs and outputs, when examining business energy expenses, is a significant business goal in the following years, in all Israeli and global industries.

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