Safe and Efficient Natural Gas Use Products Line

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Atlas Copco offers a variety of air, natural gas (NG) and additional gas compressors.

The BBR compressor was designed and built as a unique natural gas compressor and is sold around the world to natural gas fueling stations, natural gas compression stations (CNG), etc. The compressor can be fed from various natural gas sources among them a conduction or separation network for natural gas, natural compressed gas containers and more.

We should mention three main qualities or this compressor series:
a) High reliability compared to user costs
b) Smart energy usage
c) Safety first

These qualities are achieved by the detailed engineering design, hinged on many years of experience in the field and an understanding that these are the main criteria over time for the user.

The high level of reliability is achieved thanks to directly connecting the engine to the compressor, an air-cooling system with no moving parts, soft or regulated compressor ignition, keeping a low work temperature, combining liquid separators between the various levels, etc.

The compressor is built as one sealed unit, allowing the reduction of natural gas to the atmosphere up to 3%. It is also installed as a complete unit and is tested for working with compressed natural gas before leaving the factory floor.

Safety is achieved thanks to the meticulous design, based on the many years of experience of Atlas Copco, an advanced manufacturing while sticking to the strictest of standards, reception checks of the unit at the entrance to the factory and a personal service by skilled professionals throughout.

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