Vacuum Equipment

    suction cups are suitable for standard/basic applications. The suction cups show good performance.

    Light weight and small sized vacuum ejectors with integrated push-in fittings or thread connection. The vacuum ejectors will show up to 30% energy saving compared to a similar competitor ejector.

    • The standard lip (S) is for versatile use. Within the standard lips there are the green and the blue standard lips. The green standard lip is suitable for relatively even surfaces on sealed materials. It has extra wear resistance. And the blue standard lip is recommended if the surface is more uneven or rough, e.g. textured plastic parts. The material is FDA approved and are recommended for food handling.
    • The flexible lips (FX) comes with extra sealing capability. They are suitable for surface leaking materials (wrinkled or textured) and porous materials, such as corrugated paper. Both the blue and yellow flexible lips have FDA approved material and are recommended for food handling.
    • The soft foam lips (FLI-S) are suitable for irregular surfaces. They are really suitable when conventional lips are not sealing enough. They can replace mechanical grippers.

    Vacuum pads, vacuum generators, vacuum pumps,vacuum conveying and accessories made by PIAB

    Vacuum pads, vacuum generators, and other accessories made by CAMOZZI

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