Production Lines

    Automation Yeruham specializes in Production Lines

    Automation Yeruham specializes in providing complete engineering solutions for over 25 years.

    The wide range of products includes pneumatic products, vacuum products, smart manifolds, precise and fast valves, complete pneumatic plates, modular aluminum profiles, conveyors, linear rails, electric pistons, actuators, XYZ systems, blowers, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators and modular air ducts.

    In addition to the wide range of products, there are very professional and experienced team that accompany customers from the stage of formulating the concept to the stage of installation at the customer. The teams include sales engineers, project engineers, control engineers, support and service staff from the company’s offices and field, experienced production workers, quality manager, procurement and logistics personnel.

    We are capable of responding to automatic production lines that include electrical control, control, drive and software at the level at which the customer receives a complete “turn-key” product.

    Contact: 073-2606408/7