Nitrogen Generators

    PSA- Pressure Swing Adsorption - nitrogen generators technology NGP 4-1100

     Oxidation takes place when there is the presence of oxygen, present in the air.
    We can reduce the amount of oxygen (by replacing it with nitrogen), and the risk of oxidation is eliminated.

    Nitrogen is used primarily:

    • Inhibit the growth of bacteria in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and processes
    • Preventing the oxidation of metals, polymers and chemicals
    • Fire Prevention

    Three existing technologies for the production of nitrogen are:

    • PSA
    • Membrane
    • Liquid nitrogen

    PSA is used in high nitrogen concentration (97% to 99.999%) is used for applications such as:

    • Food and Beverage Packaging
    • Electronics
    • Plastic Molding
    • Drugs

    Membranes typically used a relatively low nitrogen concentration (from 95% to 98%), for applications such as:

    • Water trucking
    • Cementing Air flight
    • Fire Prevention

    Nitrogen is needed in all areas of industry production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, laser cutting, metal treatment, food processing and packaging, a reliable supply of nitrogen can be overwhelming. Atlas Copco the ultimate solution: flexible / available on-site at the lowest price.
    Moving nitrogen flow ranges from 1.3 to 130 m ^ / h with nitrogen concentration between 97% to 99.999%. All models are equipped with electronic panel, which allows the customer to monitor the nitrogen flow and system performance.
    Based on technology (PSA (Adsorption Swing Pressure NG series of Atlas Copco could provide a continuous flow of nitrogen with concentration / Cleanliness desired nitrogen, using molecular carbon filter (carbon molecular sieves-CMS). Oxygen selectively separated while ensuring nitrogen production Continuous.
    Compared to other sources of gas such as nitrogen gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen, the NG series of Atlas Copco is a real alternative cost savings. With a wealth of benefits, ranging from exceptional comfort, independence gas suppliers or another, nitrogen concentration, flexibility and so on. Thanks to the modular design of the NG series solutions can be provided to the customer are extensive and flexibility, any changes / additional gas demand, the solution is simple and economical. The modular design allows the supply of nitrogen as accurate as possible, preventing unnecessary production of nitrogen and reduces the customer’s energy consumption to a minimum. Nitrogen Generator Catalog

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