Modular Profiles

    Profiles No.5

    Profiles 5 are ideal for lightweight constructions of all kinds. The small exterior dimensions ensure particularly compact jigs, covers and handling equipment. The full functionality of the building kit is retained.

     Construction Profiles 5- The compact profile for precision work:

    • Extremely compact dimensions
    • Available with open or closed grooves
    • Low material usage safeguards resources
    • For refined, stable and flexible applications

    Flat cross-sections 5: Particularly flat profiles, Full functionality at a height of just 8.5 to 14 mm, Suitable as support profiles or anchor points,For lightweight clamping and mounting surfaces

    Closed, Radiused Outside Surface 5: Closed on two sides, rounded surface. External angles of 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° available. Ideal for building protective hoods and frames

    Profiles No.6 

    Profiles 6 are suitable for weight-optimised constructions of all kinds. With the choice of either Profiles 6 or Profiles 6 light the most suitable material for a given construction task can be selected.

     The lightweight alternative

    • The weight-optimised profile line
    • Ideal for slimline, robust design
    • Available with open or closed grooves

    Flat cross-sections 6:Low installation height, For fastening lightweight components,Products from Line X also available

     Profiles 6 with Angle Surface: Create stylish designs,For hoods, tables and display cases.

    Closed, Radiused Outside Surface 6: Closed on two sides, rounded surface. Various external angles available, Ideal for building protective hoods, frames and tables

    Profiles No. 8

    Profiles 8 are suitable for constructions of all kinds. The choice of Profiles 8, Profiles 8 light and Profiles 8 E enable the most suitable material to be selected for a given construction task.

    Construction Profiles 8-The standard material for design engineers

    • The universal and robust all-rounder
    • Three variants for constructions with optimised load-carrying capacity
    • Available with open or closed grooves
    • Products from Line X also available

    Profiles 8 with Angle Surface- Profiles 8 – 45° Angle: Connect up to three profiles, For sophisticated tables, display cases and systems

    Profiles 8 – 120° Angle: Three grooves in one profile, Ideal as a stand profile when building partition systems

    Profiles 8 Angle Geometry: Angled profiles with grooves,For use as panel fixing strips, For supporting shelves

    Flat cross-sections 8: Full groove despite low construction height, For attaching elements, Suitable for use as a frame, support or strut

    Profiles 8 with Internal Diameter: With large central bore, Ideal for the mounting of bearings, Ideal for accommodating shafts, spindles and axles

    Profiles 8 D40-Edge-free elegance: Profiles with a cylindrical cross-section, Can be combined with square profiles, Available with open or closed grooves, Closed grooves can be subsequently opened up

    Bed Plate Profiles 8: For creating panels in any size, Can be fastened to all types of substructures

    Closed, Radiused Outside Surface 8: Closed on two sides, rounded surface. Various external angles available, Ideal for building protective hoods, frames and tables

    Profiles 10 – Discover new possibilities

    Line 10 – strong M10 thread and profile grooves with exceptional carrying capacity. Improved profile cross-section for optimised use of materials – reinforced Profiles E and heavy-duty standard Profiles 10.

    Line 10 combines the advantages of the popular Line 8 (modular dimension: 40 mm) with the high load-carrying capacity of Line 12 (modular dimension: 60 mm). The M10 thread diameter delivers strong tightening torques for profile fastenings and the strong groove flanks allow this increased strength to be utilised to the full. This improved carrying capacity is also reflected in the fasteners – all fastening sets consist entirely of high-performance steels, so that pre-tensioning is always available in full. Experience the new Line 10 for yourself – profiles and fasteners, floor elements, fastenings for panels and a whole array of attachments. Fully compatible with all MB system elements, including those from other Lines.

    Construction Profiles 10: The added-value profile with increased load-carrying capacity

    • The new line for high-strength constructions
    • Reliability against pre-tension losses
    • Tensile loading up to 7,000 N per screw connection
    • Also available in lightweight versions as Profiles 10 E

    Flat cross-sections 10: Lightweight thanks to flat cross-section, Full Profile 10 groove on one side, closed surface on the other, Ideal for stable, space-saving struts and frames.

    Profiles 12

    Line 12 Profiles are particularly suitable for stable frame constructions carrying high loads. The rigidity of the profile flanks enables tensile loading of up to 10,000 N per screw connection. Their inclination towards the groove produces a high degree of security against loss of pre-tensioning.

    Areas of this basic frame which are subject to less load can be constructed from Profiles 12 light in order to save material.

    Construction Profiles 12: The robust option for load-carrying applications

    • The strongest profile line in the MB system
    • Exceptional reliability against pre-tension losses
    • Tensile loading up to 10,000 N per screw connection For particularly stable, heavy-duty frame structures

    Special Profiles 12

    • Special profile with Line 8 and 12 grooves
    • For building carriages for linear slides
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