Compressors Service

    Technicians service for compressors

    Service of technicians for compressors
    The service teams of Yeruham Automation include engineers and technicians undergoing training in Israel and abroad.

    Atlas Copco compressors are deployed all over the country, we have over 1500 compressors in various factories and in various fields.

    Our service mobility is spread throughout the country.
    The knowledge and experience over the years in the field of compressed air in general and equipment of Atlas Kopko in particular – enable us to provide a quick and professional response to the customer.

    We can assist in the design of the compressed air system and the compressor rooms.
    We maintain a warehouse parts with a wide range of spare parts for all types of compressors to handle malfunctions as quickly as possible.

    In our workshop we perform massive treatments and renovations for the instructors.
    The possibility of receiving service for all types of compressors and multi-year service agreements

    Contact: 073-2606433