COVID-19 Examination Posts Project, Ben Gurion Airport

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Automation Yeruham is proud to be partners with Ulpa’s flagship company: installing COVID-19 examination posts at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel.

As part of the national effort to open the Israeli flight paths, it was decided to position COVID-19 examination stations at the Ben Gurion Airport, operated by Ulpa.

To do so, an engineering design was needed, and the stations were produced according to client specifications and under a very strict schedule.

The professional team at Automation Yeruham was responsible for this process, which incorporates modular profiles and advanced technology to create the best possible solution.

Automation Yeruham is Israel’s leading company in providing industry technological solutions in the fields of compressed air, robotics, pneumatics, linear actuation and more.

Thank you, Ulpa, for choosing us as your project partners.

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