Air Compressors Cost in the Long Run

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Whatever the technology may be, a compressor can come as an oil-based or non-oil-based unit, in various size and pressure versions. Whenever we choose a compressor, we must understand its costs and how they are broken down: 20% initial investment; 7% maintenance; 73% energy cost.

While choosing a compressor, it is important to stress the compressor’s usage and technological solutions that lead to minimal energy consumption. With every compressed air system, we should also consider the quality of the compressed air, which depends on the level and quality of the compressor, but it is also important to stress the dryers (cooling/chemical/membrane) as well as the various-leveled filters.

Using the Variable Speed Drive technology (VSD), the air compressor reaches energy efficiency and can save up to 35% of its energy consumption. These findings teach us that it is worthwhile focusing on energy expenses to reach maximum efficiency. Energy costs can be reduced by compressing air on several levels. The most important and significant one is the compressor control. Atlas Copco offers VSD compressors that allow you to save up to 35% of your compressor’s energy costs.

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