Automatic valves

Series SCS, VNR, VSO, VSC and VMRcamozzi logo

Circuit selector Mod. SCS Series VNR unidirectional valves Series VSO - VSC quick exhaust valves Valve with adjustable exhaust Mod. VMR

Automatic valves are defined as those valves which change their state simply as a result of compressed air being present or absent at their inlets. The circuit selector Mod. SCS - 668-06 enables two signals coming alternately from two different points to be channelled towards the same point.camozzi Series SCS, VNR, VSO, VSC and VMR automatic valves

» Mod. SCS: channelling of two signals coming alternately from two different points towards the same point

» Series VNR: operations at low pressures

» Series VSC - VSO: able to increase the speed of cylinders

» Series VSC - VSO: depressurisation of tanks containing compressed air

» Mod. VMR: able to maintain pressure constant at a set value which allows the overpressure to exhaust

  • Circuit selector Mod. SCS The selector is mounted by through holes in the body. Materials used: AL body, brass bush, NBR seals, Delrin poppet
  • Series VNR unidirectional valves The poppet-type construction of these valves allow operation at low pressures both when there is a free flow and during retention. Ports: M5, G1/8, G1/4 , G3/8 ,G1/2, G3/4 Materials used: brass body, NBR seals, stainless steel spring
  • Quick exhaust valves Series VSO The models VSO 425 -M5 and VSO 426-04 are particularly suitable to be mounted on solenoid valves and valves incorporating a ø 4 cartridge. Ports: M5 or ø 4 cartridge Materials used: brass body, NBR seal
  • Quick exhaust valves Series VSC These models are particularly suitable to be mounted directly on the cylinder mouth through the use of a nipple. It is recommended to mount a silencer on the outlet. Ports: G1/8 - G1/4 - G1/2 Materials used:brass body, Desmopan seal
  • Valve with maximum adjustable pressure Mod. VMR 1/8-B10 Working pressure: 1 bar ÷ 8 bar 

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