Series 2L basic logic valvesCAMOZZI LOGO

Cartridge Ø 4 mm. or - and - yes - not - memory

Series 2L basic logic functions are available in 5 different models and can be mounted separately by means of 2 passing holes in the body. Bracket Mod. 2LQ-8A allows to have the inlets and outlets on the front side, facilitating the mounting of the connection tubes.

  • Basic logic valves AND / ORCAMOZZI Series 2L basic logic valves
  • Basic logic valves YES / NOT
  • Basic logic valves “Memory”
  • Right-angled bracket
  • Pneumatically operated 3/2 NC amplifier valve - G1/8 ports: The amplifier valve Mod. 2LA-AM is able to change low pressure signals into signals with pressure from 2 to 8 bar. The poppet type construction shows a minimum permanent air consumption at rest. Mounting: with M5 screws Installation: in any position Fluid: filtered air, without lubricant
  • Sender and receiver sensor Series 2L - M5 ports- Materials: aluminium - brass Construction: nozzle without moving parts Threading mounting: M22 x 1 Mounting diameter: 22.5 mm Mounting bracket: B20-25, E20-25 Max air consumption: P 2 bar ≅ 45 Nl/min Fluid: filtered air, without lubricant Conditions of functioning: the receiver pressure (2LB-SR) has to be lower or equal compared with the sender pressure (2LB-SE) The receiver nozzle (2LB-SR) is supplied to ensure the self-cleaning. The air jet of the sender (2LB-SE) avoids the free outflow of the air jet from the receiver. A back pressure is thus produced that generates at outlet A a pilot pressure which is sent to the amplifier drive. When an object interrupts the air jet between the two sensors, this signal becomes zero. 

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