Full Station  Solutions

Full Station  Solutions


System Description

  • The CNG MRU Dual Option Online or Thru Trailers.
  • Compressors are  horizontally opposed, 2 throw, reciprocating type.
  • Direct driven by electric motors or gas engines
  • Air cooled by a fin/fan type heat exchanger.
  • Inter-stage on every stage  and coalescing filter on compressor discharge.
  • Automatically dumped to the blowdown vessel using actuated ball valves.
  • Compression stages are protected from over-pressurisation by pressure control switches and / or transmitters and pressure relief valves.
  • A PLC controller controls the compressor package operation.
  • Condition monitoring  by pressure and temperature switch gauges and/or transmitters, level switches, flow switches, vibration switches, etc.
  • Control switch signals  relayed to the PLC controller via an intrinsically safe system.

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System Description


MRU VIP with 40 Feet Trailer