Compressors with VSD -Veriable Speed ​​Drive

Over 70% of expenditure on air compression costs are expenses for electricity

By VSD technology compressor Efficiency can reach savings up to 35% of electricity consumption.


These findings support to keep focus on electricity costs to reach significant savings.

You can reduce electricity costs by several ways.

The important and significant is compressors command.

Atlas Copco offers compressors with variable speed control VSD allow to save up to 35% of energy costs.

Example: one of the major food plants in Israel workes wiht 2 compressors

Compressor Screw 50 hp Screw 75 hp
Compression work hours 15.7 69.4
 Idling work hours 36.2 49.3
Off mode work hours 116 49.3
Total weekly energy (kWh) 1635 6377
 Total energy consumption of  2 compressors (kWh)   8012

After adding GA75 VSD compressor

GA75 compressor of Atlas Copco VSD leading when old compressors are used as a backup

Compressor Screw 50hp Screw 75 hp GA70 VSD
Compression work hours 0 0 154.5
 Idling work hours 0 0 0
Off mode work hours 168 168 13.4
Total weekly energy (kWh)     5098
 Total energy consumption of  2 compressors (kWh)     5098

Total annual savings  58,280 NIS

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