Aluminium pipwork

The choice of a Teseo modern modular piping system in aluminium eliminates the hidden costs of a compressed air system. Such costs are constantly increasing during the entire lifetime of your distribution system. Typical hidden costs eliminated or reduced by Teseo aluminium piping are:

• Costs for air leaks.

The patented clamping and sealing concept of our piping system eliminates leaks, a major problem in many compressed air systems, Teseo pipework systems saves energy normally wasted in such systems.

• Costs of air treatmentundefined

in-line Filters, maintenance, repairing machines and tools. Aluminium is not affected by rusting or corrosion, so inside Teseo piping air is always as clean as after the treatment done at the source. This guarantees a longer life to the equipment connected.

• Costs for downtime and labour for each modification.

A Teseo pipework network is easy to modify and to extend. As a compressed air system inside the factory, adding a new branch line or point of use drop takes few minutes to be operative. These can also be added live using our hot tap.

• Costs for the low flow rate and high pressure drop.

High precision aluminium extruded profiles of Teseo piping have a smooth inner surface. The friction of air flowing through the tubing is considerably lower than in a conventional rough steel or black steel pipe. Such a feature can be easily translated into less pressure drop and extra flow with the same electric power supply consumption. Contact our sales representative or website to get more information.