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Efficiency blowers

Reduce your energy costs with Atlas Copco blowers


We have an energy efficient solution for every demand, be it waste-water, pneumatic conveying, mining or any application requiring low pressure compressed air!

Atlas Copco’s continuous drive for energy efficiency to reduce your energy cost, has made innovation the heart of Atlas Copco’s values and for a century now, we have been at the forefront of compression  technology thanks to a number of groundbreaking introductions. 

Be it introduction of the single-stage Z compressor with asymmetric screw design (ZE/ZA), the launch of the high-speed direct drive turbo blower range (ZB), the first energy efficient screw type air blower (ZS) and now the range extension with multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters - we have a perfect solution for every application needing low pressure compressed air. 


Energy represents the major cost in the lifecycle of your blowers


As energy consumption typically represents the majority of an air blower's life cycle cost, more energy efficient air blowers will have a significant impact towards preserving not only the environment but also your bottom line.