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Automation Yeruham Ltd. is pleased to announce that as part of a global effort to reduce environmental pollution and in particular industrial and vehicle pollution it will launch in Israel the Atlas Copco AB. Natural Gas line of products.

The company has a long lasting and fruitful cooperation for marketing and supporting the Atlas Copco industrial compressor as well as numerous other products. Its offices, workshop and warehouse are located in Holon Industrial zone and serve as a base to the qualified technical teams that provide daily support across the country to its customers.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, 1873, Atlas Copco AB. (ATCOA:SS) has a global reach that spans over more than 180 countries, including own operations in more than 90 countries. It innovates and produces its products in more than 20 countries. Manufacturing is mainly concentrated in Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the United States, India and China. The line of products and services include compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems.

Following the discovery of Natural Gas along the Israeli coastal line and its introduction to the local market there is a growing demand to upgrade and modify the fuels used for various industrial applications. The Natural Gas is considered as superior fuel that contributes to environment pollution reduction as well as manufacturing associated costs.

The Israel Ministry of energy in cooperation with Motor & vehicle ministry announced a national plan to implement the utilization of Natural Gas (NGV) as fuel for vehicles in general and in car fleets in particular.

Automation Yeruham is presenting a range of applications and products for safe and effective use of Natural Gas. The products include compressors for Mother stations (CNG), daughter station pressure reduction lines, a range of compression solutions and dispensers for Natural Gas fueling stations as well as other products and accessories.

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